R&D Platforms


National Joint Engineering Research Center (Tianjin) of Motor Vehicle Emission After Treatment Technology
● Development for the test technology of engine matching calibration bench
● Development for diesel vehicle after treatment catalyst
● Development for diesel engine emission control system and system integration technology
Tianjin Auto Safety Technology Engineering Center
● NEV safety technology
● Auto passive safety test technology
● Advanced safety auto technology
● Technology research and industrial service for auto safety standardization
● Vehicle passive safety performance development technology
Tianjin Electric Vehicle Research Center
● Research on the power system key technologies as vehicle controller, battery, BMS, electric motor and ECU etc.
Tianjin Key Corporate Lab for Auto Vibration and Acoustic Testing
● Research on the new theory, new material, new technique and new standards of vehicle vibration and acoustic comfort
● Research on the designing theory and test methods of vehicle system vibration and acoustic comfort
● Research on NEV vibration, noise and comfort technologies
● Vibration and noise control technology and acoustic optimization of powertrain system (air inlet and outlet device, engine, transmission and propeller shaft )
Tianjin Key Corporate Lab for Auto Electronics and HIL (Hardware-in-Loop) Testing
● Auto electronics application design and development
● Vehicle electronics and electric system HIL testing
● Intelligent transport and active safety system research
Tianjin Motor Vehicle Emission Catalyzing and Purification Engineering Center
● Auto fluid simulation analysis and design
● Vehicle thermal management control technology
Tianjin Corporate Technology Center
● Auto product forward development technology research
● Auto standardization technology research
● Auto product testing technology research
● Auto information technology research
● Auto data resources development technology research
Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and Industry-School-Institute Collaboration
● Strategic Alliance for the Technology Innovation in the Smart Vehicle Industry
● Alliance for the Assessment and Common Applied Technologies of Advanced Vehicle Energy Storing System
● Strategic Alliance for the Fuel Cell Vehicle Technology Innovation in China
● Tianjin NEV Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance
● NEV and Power Battery Industry Joint Meeting
● EV Charging System Test and Assessment Alliance
Post-doctoral Workstation
● Auto safety technology
● Auto emission control system technology
● EV and hybrid vehicle technology
● Intelligent transport system technology
● Auto industry economy


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